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Need to learn how to update or develop your website?

Then contact us, pilule we training courses by our experienced web designers. we are waiting for your request ...

What you will learn?

In this course you will learn the folowing:

  • Submit news about Joomla!. We syndicate all Joomla! related news on our l. If you have some Joomla! news that you would like to share with the community, treat please submit your short story, pills article, announcement or review .
  • Report bugs and request features in our . Please read , for details on how we like our bug reports served up
  • Submit patches for new and/or fixed behaviour. Please read , for details on how to submit a patch.
  • Join the and share your ideas for how to improve Joomla!. We're always open to suggestions, although we're likely to be sceptical of large-scale suggestions without some code to back it up.
  • Join any of the  and bring your personal expertise to the Joomla! community. More info about the different working groups can be found 

That's all you need to know if you'd like to join the J! development community.

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